Now solar is cheaper than conventional source.


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    What We Offer

    To do what’s really matters for sustainable living of human race on earth. We do it not because it’s the trend, what people want, give great returns, but we do it for mother earth, for future generation, for sustainable living, for the food that our grandchildren eat, for all the living beings on earth, for greater good of human race.

    Solar Rooftops

    Generate green energy & reduce your electricity bill to zero

    Solar Street Lights

    Light up your streets at night with sun’s power

    Solar Pumps

    Power your pumps from solar

    Solar Water Heaters

    All your hot water needs from sun

    Wind Energy

    Power your house with wind power

    Bio-gas Plants

    overt your organic waste into fuel & fertilizer

    Rain Water Harvesting

    Source all your water need from purist source of water

    Eco Homes

    A step towards sustainable living or Reduce your family carbon foot print

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    We guide you on how much you can earn from solar.

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    Quality products at low price help you choose solar easily

    Cutting edge technology

    Our engineers starve to give you the advanced technology in market

    Stress Free installation

    Take up projects on turn-key basis. Quality is our upmost concern

    25 years power warranty

    Our solar Plant life is more than 25 years.

    Free one year maintenance

    Free 3 visits in first year or one year maintenance

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    Go Solar & Say Goodbye to Power Bill