Renewable energy (Solar, Wind, Hydro etc.) can be described as the energy sources that are replenished time after time.

Renewable energy is the greatest gift that mankind can ever have and it is naturally available unless the wind stops blowing, sun stops shining, rivers stop flowing. Most of these energy resources are completely free. Why not generate electricity from them?

Major advantages of using renewable energy are:

Renewable energy is renewable hence it will never run out and it’s eco-friendly.

No carbon emission (one of the major cause of global warming).

Battery or no battery

Now a days solar rooftop system comes without battery, which can be used to reduce your electricity bill to zero. During nights you can use the power from the grid or you can opt for battery system which will help you during power cuts.

Type of roof

Type of roof impacts the types of structure required to mount solar panels in-turn making big difference in the cost. Normal RCC roof structure would cost less compared to raise structure for same roof. Metal sheet roof would require different type of structure in-turn impacting the changes in the final cost.

Solar can be installed in almost any climate

– Solar panels work on light received from the sun hence where ever you receive sunlight you can install solar panels. Solar panels generate energy even during cloudy weather.

Professional installation is important

As solar electrical system should work for more than 25 years they require professional installers. Where there is electricity there is risk of electric shock and short circuit fire hence the professional installer’s requirement.

A solar energy system increases your home value

– Solar electrical system adds on to final value of the house as it gives you free electricity and generates green energy. Who would say no to free electricity?

Solar warranties

Different components have different warranty in the solar electrical system for example solar panels have 10 years of manufacture warranty and 25 years of performance warranty, inverter have 5 years to 12 years based on the manufacturer.

How long do solar panels last?

The performance warranty for solar panels is for 25 years but solar panels work beyond 25 years.

Will panels harm my roof?

– This is the major misconception that people have about solar panels, Now a days solar panels can be installed without drilling any hole on the roof

Let’s pledge to do our bit for mother earth (who has given us air to breath, food to eat,&every good thing you find on earth is gift from mother nature) by using renewable energy to generate electricity, but are you worried about how will you do it? It’s simple, just logon to for all your renewable energy needs.

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