Advantages of Solar/Renewable Energy

Renewable energy (Solar, Wind, Hydro etc.) can be described as the energy sources that are replenished time after time.

Renewable energy is the greatest gift that mankind can ever have and it is naturally available unless the wind stops blowing, sun stops shining, rivers stop flowing. Most of these energy resources are completely free. Why not generate electricity from them?

Major advantages of using Solar/renewable energy are:

Solar/Renewable energy is renewable hence it will never run out and it’s eco-friendly.

No carbon emission (one of the major cause of global warming).

No waste is generated during electric generation.

Lot of new and stable jobs are created in Renewable energy sector.

Brings economic benefits to isolated places by creating jobs in those areas.

Very less maintenance when compared to coal and nuclear power plants.

Global energy prices have been stabilized due to renewable energy.

No worries on increase of electricity tariff

Return on investment is 3-4 years

Lakhs of rupees Saved in electricity bill.

Invest ones and enjoy the benefits for 25 years

Tax saving in the form of accelerated Depreciation (30% of investment can be claimed as tax saving)

Net metering - Now you can sell power back to grid or use grid as battery.

Because solar energy coincides with energy needs for cooling, PV panels can provide an effective solution to energy demand peaks – especially in hot summer months where energy demand is high.

PV panels have no mechanically moving parts, except in cases of sun-tracking mechanical bases; consequently they have far less breakages or require less maintenance than other renewable energy systems operating and maintenance costs for Photovoltaic panels are considered to be low, almost negligible, compared to costs of other renewable energy systems.

Solar panels are a highly promising future both for economic viability and environmental sustainability.

PV operates even in cloudy weather conditions.

Solar energy is especially appropriate for smart energy networks with distributed power generation – DPG is indeed the next generation power network structure!

Helps in decentralized energy generation (You can generate electricity on your roof top).

Let’s pledge to do our bit for mother earth (who has given us air to breath, food to eat,&every good thing you find on earth is gift from mother nature) by using renewable energy to generate electricity, but are you worried about how will you do it? It’s simple, just logon to for all your renewable energy needs.

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