Best Ways to Reduce your Electricity Bill- Solar Energy

Power is getting progressively more expensive with time and people are intend on using inexhaustible that is sun oriented energy to meet their power needs. Power cuts are making people look for more and better sources. Solar rooftop energy PV panels are the perfect choice to create your own power.

  • One of our clients named Bhaskaran, faced the issue of high electricity bill at his home of about Rs 2000/- per month and wanted to generate green energy. Moreover, constant power cuts were annoying too. He wanted solar power installations but was not ready to drill any holes on his house rooftop.

Here comes the relevance of solar feasibility report for personalized solar solutions for each individual client. With regard to this case, the issue of power cuts was major. Hence, we suggested the perfect solution of setting Hybrid Solar panels for this client.

The major advantage of the hybrid system is that it reduces the power bills as well as it solves the problem of power cuts at home and office buildings by supplying solar energy stored in the battery to the load during the times of power cuts.

With the support of hybrid solar installations, their main issue of power cuts was solved. The client is happy and satisfied with the perfect solution we suggested, which in turn is thoughtful investment they made that provides a good ROI. Solar power installations enables them to get rid of any power interruptions in the next 25 years.

Also suitable to the client’s condition of no holes to be drilled on their rooftops, we provided them the best suitable solution of Aluminium structure on the rooftop. Aluminium structures are suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to drill their rooftops. This innovative method is also adapted for solar energy installations as per the preferences of the customers. With this, the customer was very happy that the roof was not affected by the solar energy installations.

In addition to that, we also proposed this customer the best-personalized feasibility plan to bring down their electricity bills from Rs.2,000/- to ZERO. We suggested the installation of 2 kilowatt solar panels. We also used monocrystalline solar panel(370W) as preferred by the customer.

For better power generation, we used power one hybrid inverter. This inverter is of 3 kilowatts and thus it can be used to run the whole house including refrigerator, oven, fans, washing machine and geyser etc even during a power cut. Thus this 3 kilowatt system connected with four batteries runs the whole house 24/7 without any power interruptions.

With uninterrupted power supply all the time as well as reduced electricity bills from around Rs.2000 every month to zero, the customer is very happy and saves money every month by installing green energy.

If you want to avail the same benefits and get an uninterrupted power supply with huge savings, then Go Solar and Go Green with Greenyuga, your best solar energy provider for the customisable, cost effective, reliable and durable solar panels.

Install Solar energy with us to reduce your electricity bills and generate passive income from your rooftop solar installations.

Book a site visit with us now and enjoy the unparalleled benefits of Solar Energy like never before!

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