Comparison Between Different Types Of Batteries


As we move towards sustainable Living, battery places a very important role in fulfilling the shortfall from the intermediate renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

You may be confused about which battery to go for the Solar Rooftop system installed on your rooftop. Type of battery required depends on the application and the affordability of the battery. The table shows the comparison between different types of battery used in Solar Rooftop and Wind systems.

Common Misconceptions about Solar Power

Flat plate (Flooded) Tubular (Flooded) SMF VRLA Lithium ion
Suitable for Low power applications Heavy duty applications, frequent power cuts UPS applications, back-up time less than 1hr Heavy duty, High power density,
Price Low Medium High Very High
Life expectancy Around 3 years 4 to 8 years 3 to 5 years 5 to 10 years
Tolerance to depth of discharge Suitable for discharges up to 80% of battery capacity Suitable for discharges up to 80% of battery capacity Suitable for discharges up to 50% of battery capacity Suitable for discharges up to 80% of battery capacity
Cyclic operation life (Charge cycles at 60% Depth-of-Discharge) 500 – 800 cycles 1000– 1200 cycles 400 – 450 cycles 2000 – 2500 Cycles
Charging time Charges slowly compared to tubular batteries Faster charging Faster charging Very fast charging
Temperature performance Inferior operation compared to tubular batteries Satisfactory operation at extreme temperatures (both high and low) Capacity reduces significantly at higher temperatures High temperature reduces the performance
Electrolyte top-up frequency Frequent water top up required Less frequent top up No top up required No top up requried
Space requirement High Medium Low Very Low
Battery placement Fixed Fixed Can be placed in any orientation Can be placed in any orientation
Battery Emissions High, proper ventilation required Lower emissions compared to flat plate, proper ventilation required No battery emissions No emissions

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