India, being a tropical country has enormous sunrays availability in both urban and rural areas. Many commercial buildings have rooftops that receive huge amount of sunlight. Rooftops are ideal for harnessing the sun’s energy by converting it to electric power.

The empty rooftops can be used for generating passive income for you rather than keeping it idle. By having solar rooftops, it not only make use of the empty rooftops, but also provide a huge power saving. solar energy usage can turn your power bills to Zero!

Innovative Ideas of Selling Green Energy

Solar rooftop installation is a passive income for you as you can sell the green energy generated in your rooftop to the BESCOM. Government of Karnataka has come up with this innovative idea of selling the green energy generated on your rooftop back to the BESCOM. This process is called Net Metering.

In this way, using Green energy has an immense contribution in reducing your electricity bill to absolute Zero and earn passive income. Moreover, this passive income generating opportunity can be a great source of income for people with own houses and commercial buildings in both urban and rural parts of India.

On-Grid Solar system has a higher life span of 25 years durability. The Return On Investment from an On-Grid solar rooftop installed on your rooftops will be around 4.5 years for residential and 3 years for other customers (commercial, industry) . For all the remaining 20 years you are free from electricity bills and no cost involved for maintaining your rooftop solar system. Every year, the income from the solar rooftop system goes on increasing due to the increased per unit charge of electricity.

So here you gain more income in no cost from rooftop solar panels for home. Affording increasing electricity bills in coming years  would be a difficult issue and for that, here comes the ultimate solution to completely eliminate your power bills.

Moreover, with the generation of green energy, you prevent environment pollution and thereby ensuring sustainable living for your as well as future generations. Solar rooftop installation is easier and roof space can be utilized for other purposes by  installing an elevated structure on the rooftop which acts as a shadow and rainproof structure. The below space on your rooftop can be used for multipurposes like party area, gym and many such options.

So, by just spending one time on solar rooftop installation , you get to enjoy its enormous benefits for the next 25 years. No worries on your rising electricity bills and also a huge passive income generating source! So, for the best affordable and effective solar rooftop installations, reach us out. Our expert engineers will guide you throughout the process with customized and dedicated support.

Go Green and have a sustainable living with a handsome passive income opportunity!

It’s time now to take action before your electricity bills rises beyond your affordability!

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