1. What is Net-metering?

Is the facility given to customers from their respective DESCOM’s. Net-metering is process of customers pumping excess solar energy generated on their rooftop to DESCOM and earns income from that.

2. What is On-Grid solar system?

Solar rooftop systems which help you reduce your electricity bill by supply your load with solar energy and exporting excess solar energy to grid. There is no storage system in on-grid solar system.

3. What is Off-Grid system?

This solar system for house functions same like your UPS system but the batteries are charged with solar energy on your house. This solar system can also be used for complete off-grid (without grid) operations.

4. What is Hybrid system?

Hybrid solar system for your house is the combination of on-grid and off-grid solar system. You can store solar energy and you can export excess solar energy to grid.

5. Do solar panels generate energy in cloudy weather?

– Yes, Solar panels generate energy during cloudy weather but the generation will be less compared to what it can generate in sunny conditions.

6. How much area is required to install 1kW solar panels?

The basic thumb rule for solar installation on rooftop is 1kW solar panels require 100sq ft of shadow free area.

7. Should I go solar?

Its high time you should go solar if you pay 1500 and above electricity bill, frequent power cuts, want to use green energy or sustainable energy or renewable energy.

8. How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work on the principle called PHOTOVOLTIC. The solar panels are made of silicon cells which from a P-N junction. When sunlight hits silicon atom it separates a electron from atom, this electron flows in the circuit to give you current.

9. What is Solar Rooftop system?

Solar Rooftop system consist of solar panels, inverter, safety systems, which help you generate energy on your roof and help you reduce your electricity bill and dependence of you on grid.

10. Do solar panels work during power cuts?

It depends on what type of system you have got installed, if you have solar hybrid system then the solar panels will charge your batteries and supply to your load during power cuts. If you have taken solar on-grid system the solar inverter is turned off for the safety of the people working on the grid line during power cuts.

11. Is there a way to use solar power during power cuts?

Yes, Go for solar hybrid rooftop system.

12. How to clean solar panels?

Cleaning solar panels is very easy; you just need to use a wet cloth or a water hose to clean. Make sure you clean only the top layer of the solar panels. The frequency depends on the dust present in your area and the seasons of the year. If your area has more dust clean ones a week. Rainy seasons may not need any cleaning. Mike it a point to not to clean with salt water.

13. How long do solar panels last?

Tire one solar panels used by GREENYUGA typically get performance warranty up to 27 years.

14. Does Solar Rooftop system need any maintenance?

– As there are no moving parts in solar system the maintenance is very less. The only thing you have to take care is cleaning the panels whenever dust sits on it.

15. How much does Solar Rooftop system cost?

Use our solar calculator to calculate installation cost and savings.

16. Do we get loan for Solar Rooftop system?

Yes, Many banks give loans for solar system. Now you can include solar system in the house loan also.

18. How to contact solar expert?

Just Visit

19. Can we use AC on Solar Power?

Yes you can but you need to install solar based on your AC power ratings.

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