How To Maintain Your Solar Rooftop System

As Solar Rooftop system doesn’t contain any moving part, the maintenance required is very less. They are very reliable and should last minimum 25-30 years with zero maintenance.

Even though Solar Rooftop system don’t have much maintenance involved there is some cleaning of solar panels required depending on the location of you solar electric plant. This primary cleaning routine ensures you maximum output from solar power plant.

You may think why cleaning of solar panels is required? To answer that let me tell you a small point on working of solar panels. The solar panels work on the light from the sun and not the heat. Now imagine a solar panel completely covered with dust which will not allow sunlight to reach solar cells in turn affecting the electricity generation of the solar panels. This primary cleaning routine ensures you maximum output from solar power plant.

Convert your empty roof into source of income

Before jumping to cleaning of solar panels, I would like give some tips on Solar Power Rooftop maintenance.

  1. Keep eye on solar generation in your Remote Monitoring System (This helps you to see solar generation in your mobile). We at Greenyuga give remote monitoring system free with all our solar plants so that our customer can monitor the solar generation from anywhere on the planet. You don’t have to go near the inverter to check the generation.
  2. Solar panels should be kept out of output of shade as energy the system decreases when they are in shade.
  3. Monitoring system help you know how much Carbon dioxide has been offset with help of Solar Energy Rooftop system.
  4. Make sure inverters are flashing green lights.

Adantages of Installing Solar Rooftop Systems

Cleaning Of Solar Panels.

The maintenance may vary based on the type of system that you have installed. Following are the points to consider while maintaining Solar Rooftop system.

Type System – On-Grid or Hybrid

On-grid – systems are easy to maintain as they don’t have any moving part and batteries. You will have to clean the solar panels once in 15 days. The frequency of cleaning depends on factors like location, distance from main road, nearby construction, vehicle movement in your location, weather etc.

Hybrid – Hybrid system contain batteries to provide backup during power cuts. With cleaning of solar modules, batteries will need maintenance based on the type of batteries you have used. If you have used flooded lead acid batteries then you will have to top up with distilled water every 6-8 months. In case of VRLA/SMF and lithium batteries ion there will be no maintenance required.

Common Misconceptions about Solar Power

Type of Structure – Roof Mounted or Elevated Structure.

In Roof mounted structure the chance of dust settling on the solar modules is more when compare to Elevated structure hence the frequency of cleaning for roof mounted is once in 7-15 days and for elevated structure its 10 -20 days.

Season of the Year

India has 3 seasons in a year; those are Rainy, winter, summer. In rainy seasons you don’t have to clean the solar modules as nature is doing that for you. Other two seasons you will have to clean the solar panels.

Benefits of Installing Solar Rooftop Panels on Appartments

What to Use for Cleaning Solar Panels

  1. Buy a solar panel cleaning kit – Inside the kit, you will find a biodegradable soap, a wiper, and a small brush or brush with a longer handle. Use cleaning kit to clean the panels regularly.
  2. For bigger projects you can mount a water sprinkler on the roof
  3. Never use harsh chemicals and hard brush.
  4. Use safety ropes while cleaning

10 Things you should know before installing solar panels

5. Always use water first as dry dirt may create scratches on the solar panels

6. The roof may become slippery while cleaning hence extra precaution like safety ropes should be taken.

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Book a consultation with our expert team and enjoy the tremendous benefits of Green Energy for a sustainable and quality living in the future!Book a consultation with our expert team and enjoy the tremendous benefits of Green Energy for a sustainable and quality living in the future!

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