Net Metering and Gross Metering & Net Metering Benefits

Solar Power is the talk of the town now!

Well, if you are wondering which category of solar power is beneficial for you, here is the proper guide for you.

Suppose you have a solar rooftop system. It produces 15 units (kWh) of power during the day, yet you just consume 10 units for fueling your different gadgets or appliances. You are left with 5 extra units.

What do you do with them?

You can either waste them, store them for sometime later with the use of a battery backup system or feed them into the grid.

It is possible that the extra unused units can be given back to the Bescom for which you will receive a passive income for the power generated on your rooftop solar system. This excess solar energy produced at your rooftop can be also used to reduce electricity bills.

Gross Metering

The total solar energy generated by your roof solar panels is to be infused into the grid without enabling the produced solar energy to be consumed directly by the customer. Here, the green energy generated is completely exported to the electricity board without using it for your load.

Net Metering

Net metering is a solar incentive that enables you to store energy in the electric grid. At the point when your solar panels produce more power than you need, that excess green energy is sent to the grid in return for credits. At that point, around night time or different occasions when your solar panels are under-producing, you pull solar power from the grid and utilize these credits to balance the expenses of that energy.

For instance, if you have taken the net metering system and installed 5 kWh, but your power load has come up to only 3 kWh, then the excess 2 kWh can be given back to the electricity board.

With net metering Solar Rooftop Installation, you pay for the deficit power consumed, for example, the difference between the power consumed by the family unit from the grid and the solar power exported to the grid from the roof solar panels

Net Metering Benefits

The main advantage of going net metering is that it decreases your power bill to zero and you spare an immense amount of your hard-earned money. It also gives you an opportunity to earn money from exporting excess energy to the electricity board.

The best part of the net metering system is that unlike the gross metering system,  instead of exporting all the power generated to the electricity board, in net metering the required amount of power can be used first for your household purposes before exporting the excess green energy. The use of the net metering system also enables you to stop buying highly expensive power from the electricity board and instead generate your own solar power from the installed Solar rooftop panels.

Greenyuga recommends going for the net metering system due to its extensive advantages for your residential, industrial or commercial purposes. This is due to the fact that the electricity board charges more for the power they feed to us. However, the power generated by you is taken back at a lower price by the electricity board.

Hence, the Net metering system is the best option you can choose when compared to Gross Metering, which is very rarely used and also electricity board pays you less for the power generated when compared to its electricity charges.

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