Eco-homes are the houses of future!

Create your Eco-homes and reduce your total dependence on external source and generate your requirements at your house.

Solar Eco Homes | Eco Friendly Living

It should tell more about the process of making your house Eco-home. We don’t provide any building material. We make already built homes eco-friendly by giving them solar electrical system, solar water heater, biogas plant, rain water harvester.

We help to make your house a well-managed eco-home that promises you with sustainable living. We reduce your carbon foot print by giving you below services with which you can have a budgeted sustainable living!

Solar Rooftop System

Solar rooftop system makes your home eco-friendly by reducing your dependency on the grid. It helps you generate green energy on your house. It helps you reduce your electricity bill to zero and thereby reducing your carbon foot print.

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater installation also makes eco homes by reducing your electricity bill. You don’t have to get any artificial source of energy as it use natural sunlight to heat water.

Rain Water Harvesting

Our Rain water harvesting services is a significant feature to enable you a sustainable eco-friendly life. It helps you store water from natural source of water i.e rain. It also improves underground water levels so that you need to have less dependence on bore water and municipality water. It harvests water from natural source.

Biogas Plant

We install biogas plants for your eco-homes. This is the best solution for reducing your organic waste. In fact, using this, organic waste is converted to useful cooking gas and fertilizer for plants. This is a great way of easy waste management.

Rooftop Vegetable Garden

We help you grow rooftop vegetable garden and maintain it.

Provide a better environment for your children to live in with a sustainable and eco-friendly life in your eco-homes.  Eco homes are structured and worked as a component of the larger ecology of the planet; the design and construction of the services are done in harmony with the natural habitat. Choose us to have a sustainable living like never before! Do your bit to save mother earth and have a peaceful & natural way of sustainable living!

Benefits of Eco Homes

Green Energy

Purest Form of Water

Convert Waste to Fuel

Grow your vegetables on your roof

What Clients are Saying

GREENYUGA has a professional touch through the solar panel installation at our place. In fact, we got the delivery on time with great professionalism and attention to detail. Their installation process is so simple and never interrupted us in our business. I recommend Greenyuga to everyone who is looking for sustainable energy and solar solution at home or office.

Dr. Siddharth KumarNeurologist

GREENYUGA offered us the top notch service with dedicated staffs that were very professional and knowledgeable. They helped me in knowing how cheaper it is to install solar panels at my home using their solar energy calculator. I would suggest people to move towards sustainable and greener tomorrow with solar solution as I could see it helped me to save my electricity bills to a greater extend for several years ahead.

Shivukumar TIT professional

Greenyuga gave me a quality and cost effective solar plant. The service they provide takes away the hassle/anxiety of the installation and help us focus on our business.

M. RakeshBusinessman

Initially, I wasn't sure whether to switch to solar energy. We have been facing power cut problems ever since I purchased this home. With GREENYUGA’S easy solar energy calculator option and with the well-skilled team of professional support, I now realized that solar panels for home lead to sustainable homes with cheapest energy bills ever.

Want to improve your quality of life with sustainable energy?