On Grid Solar Rooftop System Bangalore

What Is On-Grid and How It Helps To Save Money

On-Grid system is a type of Solar system for homethat generates power with the help of Solar Panels. The excess power supply will be diverted back to grid when there is an overproduction. This power can be credited for later use. For safety reasons it will function only when grid is connected to it.

On-Grid rooftop solar PVsystem is the most cost effective Roof Solar Power Plant Installation.On-grid solar system can offsetbills up to 27 years and thereby it helps to save your money.

How Does a Solar On-Grid System Work?

The rooftop Solar electrical system comes in three types:

The On-grid system consist of following components for providing solar energy for house.

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Distribution box or Main switch box
  • Bi-directional Meter or Power meter
  • Grid (KEB) or Utility service
  • Consumer load

The solar panels for houseconvert sunlight to direct current (DC) which is feed to inverter. The inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) and gives it distribution board. In distribution board the power gets distributed depending on the consumer loads.

To understand the working of on-grid system we need to consider following cases

Case 1

Excessive Solar Energy

When solar electrical system of residential rooftop solar or business rooftop solar or industrial rooftop solarproduces excessive energy which is not been consumed by the consumer,this extra power is pumped into the grid. Pumped energy is recorded in the bi-directional meter.

Case 2

Solar + Electricity Grid

When the consumer load is higher than the solar generation, the extra load is fed by importing energy from the grid. By this your energy consumption is shared by both solar and grid.

Case 3

No Sunlight

At night, there is no solar generation hence all your power requirements must be fed by grid. The excessive power pumped to grid in morning can be imported at night.

Benefits of Installing Solar

No Electricity Bill

Install now and enjoy free electricity up to 25 years

Green Energy

Do your bit to save planet earth from global warming

Net Metering

Earn passive income by selling excess green energy to DESCOM

Operates in Cloudy Weather

Generate Solar energy even in cloudy weather

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