Remote Monitoring System For Solar Power Plant

Remote Monitoring at the Solar Power Plants is significant element for continuous monitoring of the solar panel performances. We provide you with Remote Monitoring services for the Solar PV plants installed at your place. In the remote locations of  Solar energy for house, we provide this monitoring service where there is a huge requirement to monitor the plant performances on a daily basis. When there is a dips in Generation, it would be difficult for the engineers or monitoring person to get out and check.

In this scenario, the remote monitoring system will be very essential. There is a possibility of central monitoring for this from the provider’s headquarters which can be from different location.

Benefits of Installing Solar

No Electricity Bill

Install now and enjoy free electricity up to 25 years

Green Energy

Do your bit to save planet earth from global warming

Net Metering

Earn passive income by selling excess green energy to DESCOM

Operates in Cloudy Weather

Generate Solar energy even in cloudy weather

Want to improve your quality of life with Sustainable energy?