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What is Hybrid System?

Hybrid Solar plant is the combination of both On Grid and Off Grid system. When grid is available, Hybrid solar inverter helps in the storage of solar power in the batteries. When the solar power is excess, the solar energy which is the excess will be supplied to the grid. This excess solar energy will help you to reduce your power bill. We assure you with the best Hybrid home solar installation. You can benefit from our solar energy calculator that helps to save money by reducing your monthly electricity bill.

How Does a Solar Hybrid System Work?

The rooftop Solar electrical system comes in three types:

On-Grid System

Off-Grid System

Hybrid System

The Hybrid system consist of following components

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Batteries
  • Consumer load
  • Distribution box or Main switch box
  • Bi-directional Meter or Power meter
  • Grid (KEB) or Utility service

As the name suggests the hybrid solar system is combination of off-grid and on-grid solar system.

To understand the working of Hybrid system we need to consider following cases

Case 1

Excess solar energy generated

As shown in figure solar energy is first used to charge the batteries. As the batteries reach 95%, the solar energy generated is supplied to the load. The remaining excess power will be pumped to the grid.

Case 2

Cloudy condition and battery is full

Complete solar energy generated is diverted to load; if any shortfall in solar energy the grid compensates by supplying required power.

Case 3

During power cuts

During power cuts the inverter stops pumping power to grid and feds your load only. The Inverter starts working as normal solar UPS(off-grid system). The DC energy stored in the battery is converted to AC and given to load meanwhile the solar panels will charge the battery if sunlight is present.

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