Our Products

Combiner Box

Combiner box are used to connect Solar panel strings in parallel, provide proper DC protection, provide proper AC protection. It includes DC string fuses, DC MCB, Bus Bars, AC MCB, AC or DC SPD (Surge Protection Devices).

We design and manufacture highly reliable and customizable Combiner boxes for both DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current) Side. We design based on the solar plant requirements.

Solar Mounting Structure

We design and manufacture completely customizable solar mounting structure. We consider site requirements to give you the best mounting structures. We specialize in aluminium and galvanized iron, and MS mounting structures.

Unique Features:

  • Plug play design
  • Minimal use of bolt and nut
  • Increases productivity by 5X
  • Completely customizable

What Clients are Saying

GREENYUGA has a professional touch through the solar panel installation at our place. In fact, we got the delivery on time with great professionalism and attention to detail. Their installation process is so simple and never interrupted us in our business. I recommend Greenyuga to everyone who is looking for sustainable energy and solar solution at home or office.

Dr. Siddharth KumarNeurologist

GREENYUGA offered us the top notch service with dedicated staffs that were very professional and knowledgeable. They helped me in knowing how cheaper it is to install solar panels at my home using their solar energy calculator. I would suggest people to move towards sustainable and greener tomorrow with solar solution as I could see it helped me to save my electricity bills to a greater extend for several years ahead.

Shivukumar TIT professional

Greenyuga gave me a quality and cost effective solar plant. The service they provide takes away the hassle/anxiety of the installation and help us focus on our business.

M. RakeshBusinessman

Initially, I wasn't sure whether to switch to solar energy. We have been facing power cut problems ever since I purchased this home. With GREENYUGA’S easy solar energy calculator option and with the well-skilled team of professional support, I now realized that solar panels for home lead to sustainable homes with cheapest energy bills ever.

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