OPEX Model Solar Companies in Bangalore

In OPEX model the investment on solar plant is take care by Greenyuga and customer has to provide the required roof space. The customer has to pay the solar company based on solar energy used on unit bases. The customer is benefited as he pays very less for solar electricity compared to what he pays to the utility grid. The customer has to enter into an agreement with the Investor to purchase and consume all the power generated by solar power for long term period of 15 years. Following are the eligibility criteria for OPEX model

  • Minimum of 200kW solar plant
  • Customer should have good credit rating
  • All the power produced by solar plant should be consumed by customer
  • Shadow free roof area of 20,000 sqft

Benefits of Installing Solar

No Electricity Bill

Install now and enjoy free electricity up to 25 years

Green Energy

Do your bit to save planet earth from global warming

Net Metering

Earn passive income by selling excess green energy to DESCOM

Operates in Cloudy Weather

Generate Solar energy even in cloudy weather

Want to improve your quality of life with Sustainable energy?