Organic Vegetable Rooftop Garden

Chemical pesticide free terrace vegetable harden on rent

Organic Vegetable Rooftop Garden

Now days all the vegetables that you get in market are sprayed by chemical pesticides and handle in a very unhealthy manner which causes short term and long term diseases, just imagine the basic energy source (our food) for our body is filled with chemicals which kill us as a slow poison. Biggest problem is access to safe, fresh, organic and nutritious vegetable and fruits. So we have come up with unbelievable offer for the first time in India to lead a sustainable life with organic food.

Here we have an opportunity for urban citizen to grow their own vegetable on their rooftop at very less investment. We set up organic vegetable rooftop garden for the customer on their rooftop and we come to maintain it every two weeks.

We provide all materials on rental base hence all the materials will be company property.

We even provide complete system at a basic fee if the customer is ready to buy the product and maintain by them self.

Organic Terrace garden on rent consists of following

  • Organic Terrace garden on rent consists of following
  • 10 nos. wooden trays of 2 feet x 3 feet x 10 Inch deep.
  • 2 nos. wooden trays of 1 feet x 3 feet x 1.5 feet deep.
  • 1 no. 5feet x 10feet creeper net.
  • 10 liters Water can
  • Drums to store manure and waste.
  • Organic Manure mixture.
  • Seeds and saplings as per customer choice.
  • Maintenance support (including seeds & materials )

It’s not only about the safe, fresh, organic and nutritious vegetables, it’s also about

  • Enjoying eating delicious, nutritious, fresh and organic vegetables
  • Creating happiness and excitement through gardening
  • Improving children knowledge on vegetables
  • Exposing citizens to daylight for vitamin D and physically active life.
  • Contributing towards environment by producing oxygen and saving forest land getting converted to farm land to grow same vegetables
  • Socializing with neighbors by sharing grown vegetables

Benefits of Organic Vegetable Rooftop Garden

Less investment

Chemical Free

Produce more oxygen

Save energy

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