Difference between mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar panels


Solar panel is the heart of the Solar Rooftop system and the critical component. Choosing the best solar panels based on the requirement decides the output of the Solar Rooftop system. There are many types of Solar Panels but the top two types are Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline. These panels are made from silicon and just differ in the manufacturing process. Both the Solar Panels are widely used and based on your site requirement you can choose the best Solar Panels.  

Here are some of the different aspects of the Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline Solar Panels.

Common Misconceptions about Solar Power

Topic Mono-Crystalline  Poly-Crystalline 
Structure Single crystal of silicon. The Mono crystalline is made by cutting slices of single crystal of silicon usually called as ingots. The silicon present in this is purer. Multi crystal of silicon. Poly crystalline is made by multiple silicon crystal. This process produces less as hardily any raw material is thrown away after the process.
Efficiency 16-20 %. As the purity is more the mono crystalline tend to have better efficiency. 15-18%. The Purity of the silicon is less hence the lower efficiency.
Wattage available 260 – 400 Wp. As efficiency is higher we can extract more energy from the given space. 260 -345 Wp. As efficiency is lower energy output is also less.
Price Costly. The silicon has to go through some more processes to increase the purity of silicon in-turn increasing the cost. Lot of waste is generated at the end contributing to requirement of more raw material in-turn adding on to the cost. Cheap. Hardily any raw material is thrown away after the process hence raw material requirement is less in-turn decreasing the cost.
Space required Less. Panel of 2 Meter by  1 Meter gives output of 375-400 Wp. More. Panel of 2 Meter by  1 Meter gives output of 315-345 Wp.
Longevity 27+ years 27+ years
Temperature/Heat resistance Perform better even at high temperature Low performance at high temperature
low light environments Better performance Poor Performance
Color Black. Black color increases the abortion of light. Blue. Multi crystal gives it distinct blue color.
Suited For House, small installation, where there is shortage of space. Industry, ground mounted, large projects, where space is available in abundance.

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