Miscoceptions about solar power

Solar power has numerous benefits but some people are still skeptic about installing solar power. Let’s break all those misconceptions/myths about solar power. 

Myth 1: Solar power won’t work in cloudy weather

Cloudy weather may reduce the amount of solar power produced, but it can still work efficiently in these conditions. Solar on-grid system works by collecting visible light, and during cloudy weather clouds still reflect large amount of sun’s visible light which in turn generates electrical energy.

Myth 2: Solar panels are expensive

Even though the starting investment is high, the return on investment of solar power system is just 3-5 years. The life of solar power system is for 25 years that means you can get benefits from solar for next 22-20 years, the income from solar power plant increases every year as the utilities increase the per unit charges of electricity consummation.

Myth 3: Solar panels need high maintenance

Contrary to the regular belief, solar panels require very less maintenance when compared to any other form of electricity generation. As there are no moving parts involved in the solar rooftop system the maintenance is very low. Many of the times solar panels outlive their 25 years life warranties. The only maintenance that’s required is washing surface of panel with water when every a large amount of dust falls on the panels.

Myth 4: Solar power system requires solar tracking system

During installation of the panels, the panels are placed at an angle to give the panels the maximum exposer to sunlight. There is no pointing in installing tracking system given the cost of installation and efficiency gains that it gives.

Myth 5: Solar rooftop system will damage my roof

Contrary to the statement solar rooftop system does the opposite of that, it actually protects the roof. Solar panels protects your roof from sun, rainfall etc this in turn increases the life of the roof. Professional installers don’t damage your roof while installation.

Myth 6: Solar panels need more temperature to operate properly

Most people believe that solar panels work from the heat received from the sun but it’s false, solar panels work from the sunlight that falls on them hence solar panels work in low temperatures. In fact high temperature decreases the efficiency of the solar panels.

Myth 7: Solar panels fly-off during strong winds

Professional installers design the structure system based on the wind conditions and required amount of precautionary measures are taken to avoid flying off. Presently in India most structures are designed for 120km/hr wind speed and in most of Indian sub-continent the winds speeds are far below this. In windy places you ask the designers to give you structure which can handle higher wind speeds.

Myth 8: You don’t get loans for solar rooftop projects

Lot of government and private Indian banks provide loans for solar projects at very less interest rates. Some banks like State bank of India (SBI) give solar loans at rate of 8.85 per annum and without any collateral requirement.

Myth 9: You don’t get tax benefits

You do get tax benefits, firms which install solar on their roof top can clam up to 40% of accelerated depreciation in 1st year, 40% in 2nd year and 30% in 3rd year.

Myth 10: Installing solar panels on roof is unattractive

Now a day’s, lots of people are thinking of go green and to do their bit to stop global warming so installing solar on your roof top would give you more respect and appreciation in the society. The value of the asset increase with the installation of solar power on the roof.

Myth 11: Solar panels produce sound

Some people believe that solar panels produce sound but its false. Solar panels don’t produce any sound. Inverter produces a very low humming sound which is audible only you are standing beside the inverter.

Myth 12: The manufacturing process consumes more Power

A false propaganda have been spreading that manufacturing process of solar panels consumes more power. If this is true then why would they even manufacture and sell it? No body wants to get in to loss right hence its ill-logical to believe that manufacturing process consume more power.

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