Waste recycling at home

Waste management has become a major problem in the metropolitan cities and waste is not disposed efficiently in tier 2 and tier 3 cities either. When it comes to villages there is no waste disposal system available. At this stage it’s not only government responsibility but it’s our responsibility to help government to solve the waste management crises.

We being responsible citizens of our country, it’s our duty to produce as less waste as possible. We must further more improve the waste management by waste recycling at home and benefit from the recycled products. Convert your waste into useful resources.

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Part 1 – Reduce – Before we recycle we have to reduce the amount of waste that we produce. There are numerous ways to reduce the waste that you produce at home. Following are some of the ways to reduce.

  1. Use cloth bangs instead of single use/plastic bags. – Buy cloth bags and use them for all the shopping that you do, this small initiative will help you reduce your waste significantly. You can use same bag for grocery, tools, and cloths or for any other shopping you would have.
  2. Don’t buy bottled water unless you don’t have any other option – Try to carry your own bottle form house.
  3. Use less paper – Now a days everything is turning digital hence there is very few reasons to use paper. You can read news online, get soft copy of the bills, donate old books, reuse paper by printing on back side etc.
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Part 2 – Reuse – Many of your waste can be reused by you or someone else

  1. Reuse Containers – Heavy duty containers can be used many times before throwing them away for recycling. Waste containers can also be converted to flower pots.
  2. Reuse Cloths – Your old cloths can be donated for the needy, used for cleaning, etc.
  3. Use hankie instead of tissue.

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Part 3 – Recycle – Recycling take significantly less energy to produce new materials than to make it from raw unprocessed materials.

  1. Recycling paper – did you know that recycling one ton of paper can ultimately save 17 trees and 26,500 liters of water.
  2. Recycling glass and plastic – as recycled plastic requires 76% less energy to produce, while recycled glass requires 21% less energy it always good to recycle glass and plastic. We would recommend using as less plastic as possible.
  3. Biogas – Every house produces kitchen waste which can be used to produce biogas. This biogas can be used for cooking in the house in turn reducing your monthly expenses on the LPG cylinder. The remaining waste in biogas plant can be used as organic fertilizer for the home garden.

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4) Composting – Your garden waste like leaves, twigs etc. can be used to make a compost which can be used as organic fertilizer for your home garden

Part 4 Using available energy or resources – Did you know nature has given us lot of energy resources which we don’t use or wasting those energy resources. We depend on external resources instead of using these resources. Some of the available energy or resources at home are:

  1. Rainwater Harvesting is a process of collecting rain water and storing it in right way for future use. Rainwater harvesting is an ecological and economical way towards sustainable living that capture rainwater by guiding it from enormous surfaces like your rooftops to an underground or over-ground holding tank through Rain Water Filter. The collected water is then pumped directly to the appliances or to an overhead tank. Stored water can be used for Showers, Flushing toilets, Washing machines, Gardening and irrigation, washing vehicles and also to recharge our depleting ground water levels and lakes. You can even filter and drink that water.
  2. Solar Energy – Being a tropical country INDAI receives tremendous amount of sunlight, this sunlight which is presently going as waste can be used to generate electricity and hot water. Solar Rooftop system and Solar water heater help you use this solar energy. To know how to harness the solar energy Contact us.
  3. Wind Energy – can be used to generate electricity. A combination of wind and solar energy is most sustainable way to reduce your waste.
  4. Vegetable Rooftop Gardenwhy not grow vegetable on your rooftop? Now a days all the vegetables that you get in market are sprayed by chemical pesticides and handle in a very unhealthy manner which causes short term and long term diseases, just imagine the basic energy source (our food) for our body is filled with chemicals which kill us as a slow poison. Biggest problem is access to safe, fresh, organic and nutritious vegetable and fruits.

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