Going solar rooftop panels on apartments has become a recent trend. As per a recent report in August 2018, India has not yet reached 94 percent of the target of introducing 40,000 megawatts (MW) of rooftop solar power capacity by 2022.

Mainly, solar rooftop systems are Zero fuel cost, no air pollution, no noise pollution etc. Unlike a few years back, currently the solar system can be integrated with the current electrical framework and because there are no moving parts like that of a windmill in solar panels, the maintenance cost is also very low. Another significant advantage of a roof solar panels on apartments is that the Transmission and Distribution losses due to loads and power generation are incredibly low.

If you have an apartment with higher electricity bills for common area, you can reduce it by going solar. Individual houses may not have permission to use solar panels separately for their household purposes when staying in an apartment but it can be used for common area.

Top 7 Advantages of Solar Rooftop Panels on Apartments: 

  • Solar panels on Apartment Common area: The most affordable and effective way is to install solar panels in the common area of the apartments. This will in turn reduce your higher electricity charges that are caused due to usage of lifts, motors, lights etc.
  • Reduce Electricity Bills: The ideal way for reduction in electricity bills is to install solar panels for the whole apartment as soon as possible. To start with, you can schedule a visit to a solar system integrator in your apartment to do the feasibility study based on the electricity bills. There have been several successful results in the reduction of electricity bills due to the installation of solar panels for their common area.

For instance, there are cases wherein the electricity bill has been tremendously reduced to Rs.5000/- from Rs.60,000/- by the solar panel installation on apartments.  Thus, it is beneficial for the apartment association in terms of their monthly expenses which will come down highly.

  • Ideal Floor Count: Installing solar panels on the roof are ideal for the apartments within the floor range of 3-8 floors. Beyond seven floors, there can be some technical difficulties. However, it is still possible to install a solar panel with an extra support system.
  • Low maintenance charges: Also, with reduced electricity bills in the common area, the tenants may not need to give heavy maintenance charges monthly to the apartment association. This will increase the tenant occupancy rates in your apartments, which in turn gives more revenue.
  • Optimum use of rooftops: Solar energy is green energy that can be installed in the idly left out rooftops of your apartments. Thereby these unused rooftops can be converted into an income-generating source.
  • Easy Installation: Installation of solar panels is easy even when the construction is over and the apartment is fully used by residents. The installation and wiring are rooted from the outside and safely without interrupting the convenience and safety of the residents. All the precautionary measures will be taken during the installation process and ensure no disturbance is created for the apartment residents during the installation and also after that.
  • Ideal investment:  Instead of keeping the money idle, Apartments with good financial back up can easily invest in green energy which is a major income generator for the coming years. You can have a higher Return On Investment within 3-4 years and provide an increased profitability margin in the power bills.

Are you planning to Go Solar on your Apartment? Yes, it’s the right decision to cut short your power bills and get a higher ROI by using the idle rooftop space of your apartment.

We at Greenyuga have dedicated and professional team with remarkable experience in quality and affordable Solar panel installation over the years. We use advanced technology to provide a complete customized energy-saving solution for you.

Book a consultation with our expert team and enjoy the tremendous benefits of Green Energy for a sustainable and quality living in the future!

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