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India has an ambitious goal of installing 100 GW of solar energy by 2022 and in that 30% is expected from rooftop solar. To push on solar adaption on the rooftops Karnataka electricity board has come up with net metering facility. The concern DESCOMS are in-charge of facilitating net-metering for the customers.

In Karnataka all the DESCOMS follow BESCOM for solar guidelines. Following are the step by step process to take permissions for installing solar rooftop system in Bengaluru on your rooftop.

Convert your empty roof into source of income

  • You should apply online in BESCOM website – Before you apply online you should watch this video (Click here to watch the video) to know basic details of Solar Rooftop system before going solar. You need to have an electricity connection and shadow free area to apply. To apply you should keep electricity bill at handy as whatever information you have to fill in will be present in the electricity bill. Click here to apply online Choose net-metering facility as it is more beneficial compared to gross metering.
  • They will ask for mobile number and email id, Give number and email which is working as you get OTP and all other updates to the same number and email.
  • Pay the online fee and download the application.

Adantages of Installing Solar Rooftop Systems

  • Next step is feasibility report, according to BESCOM rules the BESCOM officers should give this report in 3 days but they don’t give until you visit BESCOM O&M office.
  • The same feasibility report should be submitted in your area BESCOM subdivision office.
  • BESCOM officers will upload a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) submission approval letter in the BESCOM portal which should be downloaded and the PPA should be submitted in next 7 working days.
  • The PPA format is given in the BESCOM portal ( Click here to download forms ). You should take Rs.200 bond under Article 12 considering 1st party as BESCOM and 2nd party as you.

Common Misconceptions about Solar Power

  • Put owner signature on all the sheets of the PPA and submit it in your area subdivision office.
  • After submission of the PPA, The BESCOM officers will upload “Work Approval Letter” for Solar Rooftop system in BESCOM portal within 2 days.
  • The Solar Rooftop installation should be started after this approval. The Installation should be finished within next 6 months and work completion report should be submitted within 5 months from the date of approval letter. With work completion report you will have to submit following documents.

Benefits of Installing Solar Rooftop Panels on Appartments

  1. Your electricity bill
  2. Purchase bill of Bi-directional meter ( click here to know where to purchase the bi-directional meter)
  3. Test report of all the solar panels, ACDB, DCDB, Inverters
  4. Cancelled cheque ( Bank account in which you want the BESCOM to transfer the amount when you export in excess)
  5. Owner Aadhar card
  6. Photo of owner
  7. Electrical diagram of the installation
  8. Test report of bi-directional meter (Refer next point to know how to get it)

10 Things you should know before installing solar panels

  • After procuring the Bi-directional meter, it has to be given for calibration at BESCOM meter testing division, Chamrajapete. They will take one week to test the meter and give you the test report.
  • The AEE will visit the solar plant location and will commission and synchronise the SRTPV plant within 15 days from the date of submission of work completion report.
  • Take a photo copy of all the documents that you submit to BESCOM before giving the file to AEE.
  • BESCOM is the most corrupt organization, 70% of them expect bribe, so you should be careful while getting permissions.

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