10 Instant Ways To Reduce Your Carbon FootprintA carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that originate from the production, use and end-of-life of a product or services. It includes carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases, which trap heat in the environment, causing global warming.

Hence, one of the significant reasons of global warming is carbon emissions in the atmosphere. The carbon-di-oxide present in the atmosphere, trap the sun’s heat which in turn lead to increased average temperature on the earth. This can be a major impact on the earth’s climate cycle.

Since carbon is the root cause of global warming, there is a primary need to reduce carbon and consider ways to put back the carbon to the surface of the earth. This way, it ensures better climatic conditions and survival on the earth.

10 Instant Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

1) Use more efficient electrical devices

In India, 70% of the electrical energy is produced from burning coal which in turn increases carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere causing global warming. Hence, the use of innovative and efficient electrical devices for household and commercial purposes can reduce the carbon footprint and improve our climatic conditions.

2) Use Solar, wind, biogas for your energy needs

The use of solar energy, micro wind turbine and biogas plant is an effective substitute for your home. These do not generate carbon-di-oxide and hence reduce the carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Hence, this green energy can be used for your daily needs and also ensure reduce carbon footprint.

3) Refuse,  Reduce, Reuse, Rot & Recycle

It is essential to refuse the ‘one time use products’ as it creates the necessity of manufacturing products for further uses, which indirectly involves an increased emission of carbon-di-oxide to the atmosphere each time the product is manufactured in the factory. Thus by reducing the production of new products, carbon emissions from the factories can be reduced to a greater extent.

For this purpose, it is advisable to reuse materials or recycled products instead of producing a new product to prevent carbon footprint. It is also possible to rot, which means converting it to bio-degradable wastes and then give back to nature.

4) Plant trees

Expelling carbon dioxide from the environment and discharging oxygen in its stead also helps limit an Earth-wide temperature boost, providing for a cleaner, healthier atmosphere. In this way, by planting trees, you can help clean the air and battle environmental change! The importance of the shade provided by trees can’t be downplayed. Thus we need to plant more trees in order to reduce carbon footprint and save our mother earth.

5) Conserve water

By utilizing less water, we don’t have to treat and pump a lot of water, so less money should be spent on energy, chemicals, reservoirs or boreholes. Decreasing the measure of energy used in the pumping of water lessens our carbon emissions, which adds to greenhouse gases, and prompts environmental change. Rainwater harvesting systems are also a good option.

6)  Use electric vehicles

Air pollution from vehicles is increasing day by day with their enhanced carbon emissions. Electric vehicles can dramatically reduce Carbon Pollution from transportation, and improve air quality. Electric vehicles are a fundamental part of a perfect future. Electric vehicles and a clean grid are fundamental in capturing climatic change.

7) Support organizations that educate, protect the environment

As a social responsibility for our mother nature, we need to support organisations that educate, spread awareness and protect the environment from carbon emissions. Together we can improve our climate and reduce carbon footprint better and more efficiently. By supporting these organisations and NGOs, you can use their green energy products and contribute your bit to create an improved climate.

8) Vote for politicians that support renewable energy

In India, nothing happens without political will. Hence, supporting the right government can contribute to enhanced green energy initiations on the national level. Thus when the whole country moves towards green energy, we can make a combined effort to protect the environment and reduce carbon footprint with sustainable living.

9) Save energy

Apart from electrical energy, it is also essential to save all types of energy consumption as an effort to protect our environment and improve our health and lifestyle. The main source of energy is electrical energy which is converted to other forms of energy for your comfort. By reducing the dependency on other forms of energy, the consumption of electrical energy is also reduced which is a major cause of increased carbon emissions.

10) Eat local and fresh

When you eat locally produced food, it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint that is caused from the transportation of food products from one place to another. In this way, we cut the expenses of transport and packing related to a diet focused on factory-farmed food that comes from many miles away.

Hence, take every bit of your effort to reduce Carbon Footprint and Save our Mother Nature! Use Green Energy and ensure a happier, healthier and sustainable living. Visit us at Green Yuga for all our Solar energy needs to light up your home or office with renewable, low cost and durable energy resources and reduce power bills to zero.

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