how to reduce your electricity billsHave you ever thought about a limitless solution for the ever-rising electricity cost at your home or business locations?

If so, you are at the right place!

Here’s a case study of our customer who has recently installed solar energy at their home from us and enjoy its amazing benefits every month!

Chethan and Keerthana had to bear high electricity bills for several months. They used to get power bills in the range of Rs.3000-Rs.4000/-

In their search for a cost-effective and durable solar energy system installation, they came across our company, Greenyuga.

We visited their house for an in-depth consultation and provided them with a detailed feasibility report on solar panel installations at their home. Having given a detailed explanation on how solar energy works and what benefit does the solar installations provide to them in the next 25 years with zero power bills.

Chethan and Keerthana were really satisfied and happy to know the exact solar power requirement in their home with our detailed and personalized solar installation feasibility report. It enabled them to know how much solar energy to install and how they can reduce their electricity bills. This calculation can vary from client to client based on several factors.

So, come & check your green energy installations requirements with us by booking a site visit.

When we checked their rooftop, we had an issue of the shadow-free area and they wanted to use the rooftop for other purposes. Hence, we suggested them with an elevated structure to ensure optimal generation and multiple uses of the rooftop.

Moreover, they also needed a rooftop area to be utilized for their personal purposes like drying clothes and to create a vegetable garden. Hence, considering these personal needs and other factors, we suggested an elevated structure that was at the height of 12 feet at one side and 10 on the other side. We also designed the elevated structure with a walkway that can be used to clean the panels.

This particular client had the requirement of 10 panels in series to give 3.3 Kilowatt. As you know, this panel requirement may vary based on individual location and other factors. So, you can always book a consultation with us for the best green energy installation advice. It’s worth every penny!

And the best part is that, when we connected this solar rooftop system to BESCOM/GRID, the client electricity bill was reduced to absolutely ZERO! Yes, that’s the huge benefit of it! Also, they also began to earn money from this solar installation as a passive income. Yes, you too can earn with your Green Energy!

We provided them with an IOT based remote monitoring system for their solar rooftop system. This innovative technological support from us enables them to monitor and check solar energy generations and updated details in their mobile from where ever they are.

We have given them Vikram Panels of 330 watts each and Growatt inverter. All the necessary Bescom approval has been obtained for the installation by GREENYUGA without any involvement of customers.

The customer is very happy as they have highly benefited from the solar power installations at their home. They have saved around Rs.3,500/- every month along with passive monthly income from it!! In other ways, they are delighted to protect mother nature through Green Energy!

Would you like to save on your electricity bill and earn passive income from installing green energy on your rooftop?

Then, don’t waste any more time!

Contact us and book a site visit with us to enjoy the power of Solar energy!

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