Renewable energy (Solar, Wind, Hydro etc.) can be described as the energy sources that are replenished time after time.

Renewable energy is the greatest gift that mankind can ever have and it is naturally available unless the wind stops blowing, sun stops shining, rivers stop flowing. Most of these energy resources are completely free. Why not generate electricity from them?

Convert your empty roof into source of income

Major advantages of using Solar Rooftop system for Industry owners are:

  • Lakhs of rupees Saved in electricity bill. Every month you will be saving on you electricity bill for the next 25 years, your bills will be zero even when electricity tariff are sky rocketing.
  • Net metering – Now you can sell power back to grid or use grid as battery.
  • Low maintenance – As Solar Power system doesn’t contain any moving part, the maintenance required is very less.
  • Industry roof is protected from sun damage.

Adantages of Installing Solar Rooftop Systems

  • Tax savings – Now you can claim accelerated depreciation of 40% in first year, 40% in second year and 20 % in third year. 30% of your Solar Power Installation cost is recovers from tax savings.
  • Contribution towards nature. 1kW of solar pant is equal to planting 50 trees or 1kW solar panels reduce 1000 kg of CO2 per year.
  • Leakage proof installation. Many Industry owners are skeptical on going for Solar Power Installation, don’t worry we use all the precautionary measures to make the Solar Power Installation water proof.
  • No worries on increase in electricity tariff. As you know electricity board increases the electricity traffic every year, be prepared for this exponential increase in electricity tariff by going solar today.
  • Invest ones and enjoy the benefits for 27 years. Solar panels get power warranty of 27 years.

Common Misconceptions about Solar Power

  • The money invested in Solar Rooftoppower generation systems can be recovered within 2.5-3 years’ time, with the reduced cost of implementing solar projects and improved efficiency the cost involved in setting up the solar power projects has reduced significantly and the money invested in these projects can be recovered in 2.5-3 years’ time
  • The Solar Rooftop system installed on roof doesn’t take any extra land space and use the space which is of no use. The Solar Rooftop system can be installed on the sheets roof of the Industry roof.

Benefits of Installing Solar Rooftop Panels on Appartments

  • Every year, the income from the Solar Rooftop system goes on increasing due to the increasing per-unit cost of electricity. The per-unit cost of electricity has increased by around 50% in the last decade.

Let’s pledge to do our bit for mother earth (who has given us air to breath, food to eat, & every good thing you find on earth is gift from Mother Nature) by using renewable energy to generate electricity, but are you worried about how will do it? It’s simple, just logon to for all your renewable energy needs.

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