How To Be Self-Sufficient In Crisis Like Covid-19/Corona Virus

Covid 19 or Corona Virus has taken over the world and is unlashing horrifying deaths across the globe. The virus originated in China and has spread to every continent except Antarctica. Many countries are force to lockdown to avoid the spread of Corono Virus.

In India a 21 days lockdown was declared to avoid the spreading of Corona Virus.  During lockdown the sourcing of essential products has become a dreadful task.

Why not grow or generate all the essential products at our home. Today I’m going to tell you how to grow or produce essential products at home.

Convert your empty roof into source of income

The Indispensable requirements required during this crisis are Water, Food, and Electricity. I’m going to explain how to be self-sufficient and how being self-sufficient will help save human beings from climate change and to save water resources like ground water, lakes.


Water is building block of life on earth. We use water in everything starting with drinking to washing. So which is best source of water? Any guess? Its rain, why not use that rain water for our daily needs. Hence under water we have rain water harvesting.

Rainwater Harvesting is a process of collecting rain water and storing it in right way for future use. Rainwater harvesting is an ecological and economical way towards sustainable living that capture rainwater by guiding it from enormous surfaces like your rooftops to an underground or over-ground holding tank through Rain Water Filter. The collected water is then pumped directly to the appliances or to an overhead tank. Stored water can be used for Showers, Flushing toilets, Washing machines, Gardening and irrigation, washing vehicles and also to recharge our depleting ground water levels and lakes. You can even filter and drink that water.

Adantages of Installing Solar Rooftop Systems


Food can be divided into two types, perishable and non-perishable food. Here we talk about food which can’t be stored for many days i.e. perishable. Example – vegetables and fruits, why not grow those vegetable on your rooftop? We can do that by going for a Vegetable Rooftop Garden. We help you set up organic Vegetable Rooftop Garden on your rooftop; you can take all materials on rental base or one time buy bases, It’s about the safe, fresh, organic and nutritious vegetables.

Now you have the raw materials to cook but how will cook them without using any outside source. The answer for that is Bio-gas, Generate your own cooking gas from the organic waste you produce. Bio-gas plants depend on anaerobic digestion, a fermentation procedure wherein waste is processed by Micro-organisms to deliver methane gas (bio-gas). The methane can be used for cooking and the remaining waste from bio-gas plant can be used as organic fertilizer for your roof top garden.

Common Misconceptions about Solar Power


Many people ask me weather Solar Rooftop can run all my loads? Yes the technology has improved a lot you can use Solar Rooftop and Wind to completely to power your house. The modern life highly depends on the electricity; most of the appliance that you operate in house, office, etc. requires electricity. The percentage of devices operating on electricity is increasing day by day. For example all the transportation will move towards electric vehicles in near future.

During crisis like coronavirus millions of people are confined to their homes, adapting to work from home, streaming videos, video calling, etc. An uninterrupted power supply underpins all of these services.

Benefits of Installing Solar Rooftop Panels on Appartments

Coronavirus is just a trailer in comparison to what climate change can do. It’s not only about the shutdown that happen due to diseases, it’s also about what challenges that we will have to face if we ignore renewable energy today. The best way is to move towards Sustainable Living.

Electricity should never be taken for granted. Just imagine if electricity grid fails and you are without electricity in this lockdown that means no water, no entertainment, no work from home, no lights, no washing machine, no heater, no communication, no phone, No electricity vehicles etc. The critical equipment in hospitals work on electricity, here electricity decides the life and death of a person.

10 Things you should know before installing solar panels

Some of other benefits include reducing your bill to zero for next 25 years, excess electrical energy produced from solar can be exported to electricity board and electricity board will pay you for that energy. Solar panels get warranty of 25 years.

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